About us

About us

Rowesdale Developments is a family operation, with the directors being Alison Rowe, Grant Rowe and Mervyn Rowe.

Several years ago Rowesdale Developments was formed by the Rowe family, to develop the third generation family farm into a high quality subdivision, at Ohauiti Tauranga.

We named the subdivision “Rowesdale” and over several years the subdivision was developed, which is now completely sold out.

Rowesdale developments is a second generation family run company, born and breed in Tauranga.

Several years ago we purchased some land in Western Ave and Gane Place, Omokoroa. This land has lovely views over the golf course and parts of the Tauranga Harbour.

We are forming a new subdivision on this land and calling it "Fairway Views Omokoroa".

We have a passion for this lovely area and are committed to creating another outstanding residential subdivision, that has sections that are spacious and homely, which we and Omokoroa can be proud of.

Live the life you always dreamed of!

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